Robert J. Trulaske Sr., College of Business, University of Missouri

Management Department Receives High Ranking for Research Citations

A report published in the Journal of Management identified the universities and research scholars who have had the greatest impact on the field of management during the past quarter century. The Department of Management in the Robert J. Trulaske, Sr. College of Business received a #43 ranking, placing the department in the top 3 percent in terms of research productivity and citations.

The authors examined 30 management journals to identify the 100 most-cited universities and 150 most-cited authors from 1981 to 2004 (results for 2005 to the present have not been compiled). The analysis included more than 1,600 universities and 25,000 management scholars.  During the 24-year time span reviewed, the study found that the work of MU faculty members was cited 4,604 times.  "This ranking indicates that the research done by our faculty members is being read and recognized as important by fellow scholars," says Daniel Turban, chair of the Department of Management.

One of the objectives of the study, according to the authors, was to "identify the most influential scholars, because these individuals are the thought leaders who have made major conceptual or methodological contributions to our understanding of management processes."  Two management faculty members, Thomas Dougherty and Richard Johnson, were identified as a top-150 author based on the number of citations received for articles published during specific time periods within the study.

"I commend our faculty members on this national ranking with regards to impact on the body of knowledge in management based on citation frequency," says Bruce Walker, dean of the Trulaske College of Business. "It’s especially noteworthy considering that more than 1,600 institutions were included in the study."

The title of the report is "Scholarly Influence in the Field of Management: A Bibliometric Analysis of the Determinants of University and Author Impact in the Management Literature in the Past Quarter Century."  It was published in the Journal of Management in August 2008.