Robert J. Trulaske Sr., College of Business, University of Missouri

Cornell Hall Classrooms

The foundation of learning at the Trulaske College of Business is its state-of-the-art learning spaces. These learning spaces are among the most technologically advanced on campus featuring multiple, student-centric designs to meet the diverse learning styles found in our student population. These designs are integrated with the classic aesthetics of Cornell Hall and yield an authenticity that aligns with the modern business world. Technology innovations found in our classrooms work to maximize student engagement, facilitate student learning, and empower our world-class faculty to connect with students.

Standard Classroom (Tiered and Flex)

The standard classrooms of Cornell Hall span three floors and are a mixture of 17 tiered and flexible spaces ranging in occupancy from 32 to 500. Tiered spaces are semi-circular, stepped spaces that maximize whole classroom interactions and student participation. Flex classrooms are flat spaces that are designed for increased adaptability to fit different learning styles.

In summer 2016, these learning spaces were updated to reflect an enhanced standard that includes:

  • An integrated and robust computer with wired data connection and touchscreen monitor
  • Lecture capture compatibility including HD camera (pan, tilt, zoom) and choir microphone for instructor voice capture
  • Large "confidence displays" at the back of the classroom and AppleTVs for wireless presentation, to help ensure the instructor stays engaged with their students.

Bush Auditorium

For high-profile occasions and very large classes, Bush Auditorium offers 500 seats in a tiered configuration to maximize student sight lines to the instructor. A 20-foot, ultra-bright projection screen ensures content visibility from any seat in the auditorium. 

Every year, Bush Auditorium hosts prominent business and government speakers, forums, symposiums, Shark Tanks, and case competitions. 

Functionally, Bush Auditorium is similar to the standard classrooms of Cornell Hall with some slight adjustments. Voice amplification (microphones) and dynamic lighting controls are available for presenters. A CatchBox (thrown microphone) is installed for student participation and engagement.

Computing Sites

Cornell Hall contains three computing sites comprised of 115 high-end computer workstations with dual widescreen monitors and loaded with business and productivity software, including an Eikon lab for Finance research. These computing sites are used to provide a hands-on environment for student learning wherein students work though authentic, industry specific problems using the best software tools the industry has to offer.

Laptops cart

Cornell Hall offers two mobile computing carts containing 10 laptops each that can be used in any Cornell Hall class. These laptops are optimized for fast classroom access and have specialty software installed for specific classes at the instructor’s request. These laptop carts are used to bolster the broader, bring your own device (BYOD) strategy employed in Cornell classes. 

Laptops carts, checkout laptops, video recording devices and other devices are available for checkout at the Instructional Support Services (ISS) office located in 221 Cornell.