Robert J. Trulaske Sr., College of Business, University of Missouri

Advisory Boards

Alumni and friends assist the college in enhancing its programs and to provide exceptional education to students. The Trulaske College of Business has several advisory boards to fulfill this purpose. Typically, all advisory boards meet semi-annually to review individual program priorities with the exception of the Accountancy Advisory Board, which meets annually.

The Strategic Development Board’s (SDB) overall purpose is to assist the dean in fulfilling the college’s mission of providing high-quality education in the theory and practice of accountancy and business. Comprised of experienced business members, the SDB provides invaluable guidance and enormous energy in support of the college. The SDB’s major roles are to advise the college about business trends and academic activities; communicate with campus administrators and off-campus constituents to further the interests of the college; and assist with the college's financial-development efforts

The Gordon E. Crosby, Jr., MBA Advisory Board purpose is to enhance the Crosby MBA program and to assist the college in providing an exceptional education for those students who have chosen the graduate program at the Trulaske College of Business. This advisory board is led by the assistant dean of MBA programs and is composed of professionals who have a wide range of experience and perspectives regarding today’s trends in business.

Departmental Advisory Boards provide departmentally-specific assistance. Each individual department has its own advisory board which is composed of professionals who have a wide range of experience and perspectives regarding trends in specific areas of business – accountancy, finance, management, and marketing. Lead by the department heads, these advisory boards assist the college in staying abreast of real-world business operations.

The Recent Alumni Advisory Board (RAAB) is dedicated to the development of the Trulaske College of Business and the university. Although the board members graduated in the last decade, they work to provide opportunities for all college of business alumni to give back to their alma mater. The RAAB advises the college regarding its academic activities, supports all programs and events, assists students in managing the school-to-work transition, and increases communication with and involvement of recent college alumni. In addition, the RAAB acts as the college’s alumni organization. With assistance from the Mizzou Alumni Association, the RAAB provides various services and activities that may be educa­tional, developmental or social and may encourage both fellowship and constructive contributions.