Robert J. Trulaske Sr., College of Business, University of Missouri

Finance Department

John Stansfield teaches finance to students.

Finance Department

The Finance Department is home to a faculty with expertise and talents in a range of subjects in business. In addition to top notch instruction, our faculty contribute to the body of knowledge with research published in the discipline's top academic journals.

Students earning an emphasis in finance will be prepared for a variety of careers in financial management or in financial services such as investment management, commercial banking, investment banking, real estate and risk management. The Finance Department is focused on preparing students to analyze financial data and forecasts to produce information and make investment, business and financial decisions.


The Trulaske College of Business is accepting applications until March 18, 2019, for departmental scholarships. Download the application form.

  • The Denny Alberts Scholarship
  • The NISA Advisors Scholar Program
    Awarded to students in their Junior year of study.
  • The Mark Burkhart Cassidy Turley Scholarship Award
    Preference given to students in Real Estate with a commitment to community involvement.

Additional Trulaske College of Business scholarships can be found here.