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The Art of Influencing Others

Professional EDGE
Monday, July 1, 2019 (All day)
EDGE Points: 
EDGE Competency: 
Influence Others

Most people think that they are good communicators. It is easy to think that; however, the fact that we communicate with others often does NOT mean that one is effective. The purpose of this online session is to recognize common communication pitfalls and gain skills needed to “influence with integrity” so that others will want to grant them the power to affect outcomes. Through reflective assignments and group interaction, students will learn the basics of how to develop and maintain rapport, how to resolve conflicts and handle difficult situations, and how to recognize others’ needs while maintaining a “win-win” interaction.


1.5 – 2 hours over the course of one week – including time on group discussion boards – is the expected time commitment for successful completion.

  • 20 EDGE points earned for successful completion.
  • Influence Others, Effective Communication, Critical Thinking | Competencies addressed in this professional development experience.
  • The Professional Edge office is the organizer for this event. Event check-in, timeline for processing  points and other event details will be as outlined in the PROFESSIONAL EDGE Programming Syllabus (on the Professional Edge webpage, click “EDGE Programming Syllabus” under the Related Links heading).



Students must meet the requirements for successful completion in order to receive EDGE points. Successful completion of this EDGE online experience will entail:

  • Working through the materials in the Canvas module(s) to gain comprehension of the subject matter
  • Completing assigned work on time. This online session involves group discussion, and timely interaction is critical.
  • Obtaining a cumulative score of 80% or higher on all assignments, including group discussion participation and interaction.