Robert J. Trulaske Sr., College of Business, University of Missouri

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Think of your degree as the foundation for the rest of your career. Today’s employers expect more from entry-level to executive positions, and a professional education will help you exceed those demands. At Mizzou’s Trulaske College of Business, you’ll learn everything you need as an undergraduate student to get a head start in today’s competitive business market. Apply now. 

Crosby MBA

We’re pleased that you’re interested in our full-time MBA program and are ready to take the next step in your career. We want to help get you there, but first, you’ll need to discover if your experience and aspirations are a good fit for our program. Apply now. 


The Trulaske execMBA was designed based on the philosophy that people who are interested in advancing themselves want to be surrounded by others who also have a similar drive, energy and intellect. Connecting to those in your cohort during the on-campus sessions adds meaning to the discussions and online portion of the program. Apply now. 


At the Trulaske College of Business, we train researchers and instructors who will go on to make a difference in fiscal policy and business practices as well as in the lives of future generations in business. The program is rigorous and dynamic, combining a strong analytical focus with the flexibility to tailor your studies to the topics that interest you. Learn more about the programs available in accountancy and business administration