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Trulaske College of Business Welcomes New Leadership

Steve Ferris

Stephen P. Ferris

Dr. Ferris has been appointed Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research, taking the reins from retired professor of management Dr. Allen C. Bluedorn. Dr. Ferris will continue as the J.H. Rogers Chair of Money, Credit and Banking and Director of the Financial Research Institute.

Dr. Ferris's research interests include the regulation of capital markets, corporate governance, bankruptcy and legal analysis of corporate activity. His published work has been featured in the Journal of Finance, Financial Analysts Journal, Journal of Corporate Finance, and Financial Review, among others.


Douglas Moesel

Douglas D. Moesel

Dr. Moesel has been appointed Management Department Chair following Dr. Daniel B. Turban, who continues his role as the Stephen Furbacher Professor of Organizational Change.

Dr. Moesel is a member of the Academy of Management, the Strategic Management Society, and United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship. His teaching and research interests include strategic management, entrepreneurship, and innovation. His research has been published in several journals including the Academy of Management Journal, Strategic Management Journal, and Journal of Business Venturing.


Janie Harmon

Janie Ausburn Harmon

Ms. Harmon joins the Trulaske College of Business as Executive Director for Advancement. She continues her commitment to the University of Missouri as she moves to business from the MU School of Law.

Ms. Harmon directs the Advancement Office to lead the college's efforts in the development of gifts supporting the Trulaske College of Business priorities, communications, engaging alumni and friends, hosting alumni and executive speakers, and providing stewardship to members of the prestigious Davenport Society.