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Yeji Lim

PhD Student
Cornell Hall
(573) 882-3881

Yeji is a Ph.D. candidate in the Marketing Department at the Robert J. Trulaske College of Business. Her current research interests include salesforce management, salesforce compensation, inside/outside sales, Two-sided platform, B2B, and behavioral economics. She is especially interested in explaining how to motivate sales reps to increase selling effectiveness. Her methodological interests focus on behavioral game theory, Dynamic Game Theory, and Applied Econometrics. Particularly, on the one hand, she uses the principal-agent model to show sales reps’ behavioral issues. On the other hand, she uses Bayesian and Kalman filter estimation to show two-sided market growth using MATLAB to add rigor to her research. She won the best Research Assistant award in 2015 and won the best student/Instructor award in 2018.  




Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea; University of Missouri - Columbia; Crosby MBA program.