Robert J. Trulaske Sr., College of Business, University of Missouri


A special feature of the 150-hour accountancy program is the opportunity for students to obtain valuable real-world experience through a professional internship while also earning course credit toward graduation. The accountancy internship program gives students an opportunity to combine their formal academic preparation with an exposure to professional accounting practice.

The accountancy internship program is designed to achieve three primary objectives:

  • Assure a high quality internship experience that will truly enrich students' education,
  • Maximize the quantity of internship opportunities available to students, and
  • Minimize the impact of an off-campus internship on students' progress toward graduation.

To meet these objectives, the internship program has been developed in close cooperation with participating employers. The best time for offering the greatest number and highest quality of internships is during employers' busy seasons, which for many (e.g., CPA firms) is during the January-April period. To make it possible for students to participate in an off-campus internship during this period without necessarily losing time in completing the 150-hour program, the School of Accountancy offers selected courses on a half-semester (8-week) basis during the spring semester. This arrangement allows students the opportunity to complete an internship during one 8-week period (most often mid-January to mid-March) and return to campus to complete regular courses during the other 8-week period. Internships can also be completed during the full spring semester, summer, or full fall semester.

In addition to providing valuable real world professional level experience, the accountancy internships also enable students to earn three hours of course credit and an entry level professional salary. Moreover, these internships often lead to permanent job offers upon graduation.

Although the accountancy internships are typically scheduled for a portion of the spring semester, students may also intern for an entire semester (fall, spring, or summer) if both they and a participating employer prefer such an arrangement. However, this may result in postponement (e.g., for one semester) in a student's expected graduation date.

To be eligible for a for-credit internship, students will have completed (at the time of the internship) at least 105 hours, including Accountancy 3326, 3328, 3346, 3347, and 4353. A student may only receive credit for one internship. Academic credit is not available for an internship during a student's final semester in the program. The academic advantages of an internship experience are tied to the student's return to academic classes.