Robert J. Trulaske Sr., College of Business, University of Missouri

Career and Professional Development

The MBA Career and Professional Development course focuses students on their career path. Students work directly with Business Career Services' staff for career training. They also work in Career Interest Teams (CIT) to gain an in-depth knowledge of an industry by meeting key business leaders, studying business trends and exploring opportunities and career paths available. Additionally, students will form career project teams to complete a semester long project in their area of career interest. 

Career Training

Students work directly with Business Career Services for personalized career coaching sessions as well as help on resumes, cover letters, career fair preparation, interviewing, internship and job search strategies and strengthening their LinkedIn profile.  

Career Interest Teams

Students self-select into one of eight Career Interest Teams (CIT):
- Finance
- Marketing
- Business Analytics
- Healthcare/Pharma
- Manufacturing/Technology
Each member of the CIT will be an active participant in the learning process and will be responsible for carrying out many of the activities related to the course.  They will also elect leadership for each CIT which will coordinate assignments and lead or delegate class discussions and activities. The teams will work with staff, faculty, alumni and advisory board members for support.  The course learning model is Learn, Act, Share, Report.  The purpose of the CIT is to gain an in-depth knowledge of an industry and form a network by sharing contacts from career fairs, conducting and sharing informational interviews, researching professional organizations and certifications within that industry, inviting professional speakers in to speak, planning site visits and attending Lunch and Learns on campus with professionals in their career field. 

Career Project Teams

Students will additionally self-select into one of the following Career Project Teams and work during the semester together to carry out one of the specific projects listed below related to their career interest.
Additionally, we have brought in trainers for Tableau, Six Sigma and Agile to keep our students up-to-date on the latest skills that employers are asking for.