Robert J. Trulaske Sr., College of Business, University of Missouri

Crosby MBA An MBA with ROI

An excellent return on your investment

Cost & Financial Aid

An MBA represents a significant financial investment in your future, and the Crosby MBA is comparatively one of the most affordable in the country. With the financial support available for Crosby MBA students, it’s very possible to graduate without the burden of significant debt, making our program a very smart return on your investment.


The cost-of-living in Columbia is low, and highly qualified students may receive a full waiver of Tuition and Non-Resident Fees along with other financial awards. More than 70% of our recent graduates completed their degree with no debt, leaving them the freedom to pursue the career path of their choice.


Financial Aid

  • Over half of our students receive tuition and non-Missouri resident fee waivers from the Crosby MBA program.
  • Many more students find employment opportunities and tuition waivers elsewhere on campus, allowing two-thirds of our students to receive non-loan financial support from somewhere within the University.
  • Awards are merit-based, using the same criteria as admission decisions.
  • MBA scholarships range from $1,000 to $5,000 per year.
  • Professional Development scholarships allow students to attend national career fairs and conferences, earn professional certifications, study abroad and compete in national case competitions.
  • Graduate Assistant positions offer a variety of work experiences and pay a salary stipend of $4097 per semester.

All students admitted to the program are automatically considered for financial support awards; no additional application is required.

Total Program Costs

Missouri Residents – $30,987*

Non-Residents – $69,222*

*Includes tuition, non-resident fees, business course fees, and other miscellaneous fees for the entire two years required to complete the MBA degree. It does not include books or personal cost of living expenses. Please use our cost calculation and example worksheet to calculate the costs for your particular situation. The above estimates are based on 2019-2020 academic year costs and tuition and fees may change each year. Please see the University of Missouri Cashier's Office web site for current costs. 

The Crosby MBA Program is Military-Friendly and participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program.  The campus Veterans Center will help you determine eligibility for all federal and state educational benefits for U.S. military veterans, and Crosby MBA Program scholarships may be available to supplement those benefits.

Graduate Assistantships

Highly-qualified Crosby MBA students are offered the opportunity to work as a Trulaske College of Business graduate assistant (GA) in a variety of capacities. These positions offer the students both a significant financial stipend of $4097 per semester for 10 hours of work per week and invaluable work experience.


  • Support the college’s teaching mission as a Teaching Assistant (TA).
  • Serve as a TA for undergraduate management, marketing, or finance classes
  • Assist undergraduate business students with writing skills or to enhance their professional development
  • Dual JD/MBA students TA for business law, conducting weekly classes

Consult and Develop

  • Counsel small business entrepreneurs
  • Develop business plans, budgets and marketing strategies
  • Assist with science and technology based business development  


  • Support the faculty’s research mission as a Research Assistant (RA)
  • Learn through a faculty mentor


  • Have expertise in programming, website design or user support?  You might support the College’s Technology Services Division.
  • Assist specialized programs such as real estate, entrepreneurship, and conference planning
  • Provide career workshops and assist with business-partner relationships
  • Be a social media specialist


The Crosby MBA Program offers a number of scholarships to the most highly-qualified students each year. Our donors wish to acknowledge the outstanding accomplishments of our students, and assist them in achieving their goals. Awards are offered on a competitive basis, with all applicants automatically considered.  Additionally, scholarship money is awarded throughout the student's academic career to help fund professional development activities such as attendance at national career conferences, professional certification training, study abroad experiences and competition in national case competitions. 

Thank you to our donors for providing such generous support for the MU Crosby MBA students.

  • Mary E. and Martha J. Briegel Scholarship
  • Crosby MBA Student Excellence Fund
  • Gordon E. Crosby, Jr. MBA Porgram Enhancement Fund
  • William H. Curtis MBA Scholarship
  • Charles and Diane Fick Endowed Graduate Fellowship Fund
  • Richard C. Green Memorial Scholarship
  • Donald S. Holm, Jr. Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Florence Komen Kitchen-Brunswick International Business Scholarships
  • John Sublett Logan Foundation Scholarships
  • E. Barry Mansur Graduate Fellowship
  • MBA Student Scholarship Fund
  • Roswell Messing, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
  • Chad and Tricia Smith MBA Scholarship
  • Stucke Family Scholarship
  • Robert J. Trulaske, Sr. and Geraldine Trulaske MBA Scholarship
  • Larry and Diane Zent Graduate Fellowship

Tuition Waivers

More than half of all Crosby MBA students receive full tuition and non-resident fee waivers as part of a financial award package. These are extremely valuable, and are awarded to the most highly qualified students admitted to the program. There is no separate application for tuition waivers – all applicants are automatically considered.

The tuition fee waiver program is explained in more detail on the Mizzou Graduate School web site under the Graduate Student Tuition Waiver Program

Financial Award for Beta Gamma Sigma Members

Each year, five qualified Beta Gamma Sigma members who are accepted into the Crosby MBA program will receive a graduate assistantship work position that will pay $8194 per year for 10 hours of work per week and a waiver of Tuition and Non-Resident Fees, estimated to be approximately $10,440 per year for Missouri residents and $28,588 per year for non-residents. This financial support is renewable for the student’s second year provided that the student maintains good academic standing, fulfills the responsibilities of his/her graduate assistantship and availability of campus funds.  The “Additional Benefits” listed below would also apply to this financial aid package. Additional merit-based scholarships for admitted Beta Gamma Sigma members will also be considered.  Please indicate on your resume and personal statement in your application that you are a Beta Gamma Sigma member to be considered for this financial award package. 

Additional Benefits

  • A partial subsidy for student health insurance. 
  • 10% discount on most items at the Mizzou Store on campus.


In addition to financial assistance offered by the Crosby MBA program, other types of financial support are available, many through the university’s Financial Aid Office.

  • Federal loans
  • Private loans
  • Employment on campus
  • Work-study
  • MU Employee benefits (educational benefits are available for Mizzou employees and sometimes for family members.)

    Financing your graduate education allows you to focus on developing new skills to help you achieve your goals.  To obtain more information contact:

Student Financial Aid
11 Jesse Hall
University of Missouri
Columbia, Missouri 65211

International Students

International MBA students are eligible for some Crosby MBA Scholarships and some graduate assistant positions. These are all awarded on a competitive basis and take into consideration such factors as academic achievement and professional background. International students have limited eligibility for teaching assistant positions for their first year due to campus language requirements.

The MU Curator’s Grant-in-Aid is awarded to qualified international students after one full year of enrollment in an MU graduate program. Each year this provides many Crosby MBA students with substantial financial support as they complete their degree.

To learn more about the financial opportunities for international students, visit the International Center web site.