Robert J. Trulaske Sr., College of Business, University of Missouri

Crosby Three Pillars

Our Crosby MBA program is built on three pillars - Community, Curriculum and Careers. 


Everything we do in the program, we consider how it will build our Crosby MBA Community, strengthen our Curriculum and prepare students for their Career path.  Check out our videos below to learn more about our three pillars. 



We focus on building a strong, close-knit Community, where professors, staff and classmates know your name, background and interests.




We start with a solid foundation in business and then allow students to choose from numerous electives to form concentration areas to create a Curriculum that fits his or her career interest. 



Our main focus is to help you excel in your Career path.  From individualized career counseling and coaching to Lunch and Learns with professionals to students attending national career fairs and conferences and competing in national case competitions to our newly redesigned Career and Professional Development class, you will have the opportunity to flourish in your chosen career path.