Robert J. Trulaske Sr., College of Business, University of Missouri
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Make an immediate impact on your career

Since you are evaluating MBA programs, you’re clearly an executive who has ambitions and sets a high priority on career fulfillment. Whatever your chosen profession, you seek out growth and opportunities to be a smarter leader and have an impact on the world around you. 

At the Trulaske execMBA program at the University of Missouri, we respect and encourage that. In fact, we’ve built a program based on what professionals like you say they need most out of an executive MBA experience.


Our graduates and students have reported immediate impact in their current jobs, whether as promotions or bringing new ways of thinking to their organizations. Our 2016 class exit survey found:

  • 70% of our students earn promotions while in the program.
  • Within 3 years, graduates report that the value of their degree has doubled.
  • 97% of students say their expectations of impact were met or exceeded.


There’s a reason why hybrids were created — to get the best of both worlds. In this case, you earn a degree from a world-renowned accredited institution delivered to you in a format and timeframe that works with your demanding schedule. And you get to build and enhance your professional network.  

Completed in 21 months, the program is 75 percent online and 25 percent on campus. That equals only 4 Fridays per year.

High-Caliber Faculty and Peers

Getting an MBA isn’t about the degree you walk away with. It’s about experiences that add value and influence your decision making, knowledge, and confidence. At the core of our execMBA program are high-level faculty members who bring a deeper level of understanding to the curriculum. They teach by invitation only and specialize in engaging with executives and working professionals.  

Committing to a graduate education is a serious decision. We interview all of our applicants and put together cohorts based on skill sets and professional experience that will bring the most benefit to the entire group. 

Our admissions process ensures that we only include people who are interested in advancing themselves and want to be surrounded by others who have a similar drive, energy, and intellect.

Value-Added Features

  • A 10-day international residency, required as an integral aspect of the International Business course. 
  • Professional Advancement Series with personalized coaching and assessments, customized according to each execMBA candidate’s needs.
  • Less time off work and away from your family, and a degree from an accredited and highly respected university with thousands of alumni. Go Tigers!  

Ready to make an impact?

Get expert coaching advice and see how a Trulaske execMBA degree could help you advance your career.