Robert J. Trulaske Sr., College of Business, University of Missouri

Undergraduate Career Services


Students register for Business Career Services in 104 Cornell Hall and pay a one-time registration fee of $150.  Registered students enjoy the full range of services that BCS offers, which include:

  • Access to online job search engines and the BCS main on-campus recruitment interface called Handshake 1-on-1
  • BCS On Campus Interviewing
  • Access career advising services such as customized career coaching, resume review, mock interviewing, cover letter critique, job search strategies, salary negotiation advice, etc.
  • Weekly newsletters and job announcements
  • Admission to etiquette dinner
  • Access to the BCS student resource area and quiet study rooms
  • Access to company data and recruiters’ contact information

Career Services Registration Agreement
University of Missouri – Business Career Services

  1. I authorize the Business Career Services Office to release my information to potential employers and employment agencies.  Furthermore, I authorize employment agencies or other party recruiters to further disclose my information to employers they represent.  I also agree to comply fully with the BCS "Professional Etiquette Policy".
  2. I understand that information on my online resumes, including information about my employment and salary, may be used to compile statistical reports and to publicize the program; however, none of this information will be used in association with my name.
  3. I agree to notify the Business Career Services Office of all salary offers, and when I accept a full time and/or internship position. I agree to complete an Occupational Status Form online with the details of the offer.
  4. The Handshake undergraduate database system may be used up to one year beyond your graduation date. However, once you accept full time employment you will be deactivated from the Handshake undergraduate database and placed into the Handshake alumni database.
  5. I understand that I am not permitted to use BCS services on behalf of other parties (e.g. printing someone else's resume, soliciting career advice for a non-member friend, etc.) and that doing so could result in deactivation from BCS.
  6. I agree to pay a one time non-refundable fee of $150 to utilize all services provided by BCS.

Professional Etiquette Policy
You will be deactivated from BCS if you:
-Sign up for an interview or RSVP to an event and either do not show, cancel, or fail to communicate with BCS
-Are accepted for an interview and select the “DECLINE INTERVIEW” button
-Are accepted for an interview and fail to sign up for an interview time slot
-Accept a full time job or internship offer, then terminate the agreement/contract
-Should a legitimate emergency or illness occur the student must contact the Business Career Services Office immediately.

*No Refunds Permitted*