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Frequently Asked Questions - Internships

When can I complete the internship course (BA 4500)?

BA 3500 is a pre-requisite for BA 4500. Students can complete BA 4500 after successfully completing BA 3500. Students are responsible for securing and completing an internship for BA 4500 prior to graduation. Refer to the Related Links for internship requirements and how to apply for BA 4500 course approval.

What is included in the BA 4500 coursework?

BA 4500 is an online course completed at the same time as an internship. The goal of the course is to help students grow in their professionalism, reflect on their internship experience, and prepare for future choices. The due dates for the course are determined by the internship start – end dates. 

What are commonly used resources to search for an internship?

How will I know if my internship will work for BA 4500?

All internships must be submitted for approval at least 3 weeks before the internship start date. Students must submit an online application to the Professional EDGE office for official approval. There is no pre-approval and all applications are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. When searching for internships and prior to submitting an application for BA 4500 approval, students need to review the internship requirements and how to apply for BA 4500 course approval (see Related Links).

How long does the BA 4500 approval process take and when do I need to submit my application for approval?

The approval process generally takes 3 weeks. Therefore, you need to submit your application for approval at least 3 weeks before your internship start date. Applications submitted less than 10 business days before your start date will not be accepted. You will need to review the internship requirements and how to apply for BA 4500 course approval documents in the Related Links.

How will I know if my application is submitted and how can I check my application status?

Please review the application instructions for detailed information (see Apply for BA 4500 Course Credit under Related Links). If not successfully submitted, you will need to resubmit. Make sure you are carefully following the instructions and not timing out of the application.